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Bench and Bar welcome new SC judges

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The Bench and the Bar welcomed two new Supreme Court judges - Justice Sathya Hettige and Justice Priyasad Dep at a ceremonial sitting at the Superior Courts Complex yesterday.


Justice Priyasad Dep.

Justice Sathya Hettige

Associated on the Bench with Chief Justice Dr Shirani A Bandaranayake were Justice Nimal Gamini Amaratunga, Justice Shiranee Tilakawardena, Justice K Sripavan, Justice P A Ratnayake, Justice Chandra Ekanayake, Justice S I Imam, Justice Sathya Hettige and Justice Priyasad Dep. The Judges of the Court of Appeal, Commercial High Court judges, High Court judges, Colombo District Judge, Additional District Judges, Colombo Chief Magistrate and Colombo Additional Magistrates were at the dias.

President's Counsel, senior and junior members of the Official and Unofficial Bar, and close relatives of Justice Sathya Hettige and Priyasad Dep were among the gathering.

Supreme Court Registrar Sesiri Herath officiated at the ceremony.

Addressing the gathering new Supreme Court Judge, Justice Sathya Hettige said that with much love and affection that he remembers his late parents who would surely have been the two most happiest people to have witnessed this momentous occasion.

He said the ascension to the apex adjudicatory arm of the state is a special moment not only for him but for the Bench and the Bar as well. 'It is not only because it is one of those rare occasions where a congregation of the legal fraternity appears to be of one mind. It is special, because it is an occasion where the legal fraternity as a whole reaffirms its commitment to remain a fraternity, a cohesive group and partners in the business of effective administration of justice, Justice Sathya Hettige said.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 05:11
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